Poster for the children's room - a fox with his mother

decorate the ROOM

Every mother wants for her child to the best and try to fulfill all wishes that his eyes can see. But how to reconcile the idea of mother and child about the most beautiful room? Come with us to decorate your dream room with posters, dream cobwebs and other accessories from the MimiWolf workshop.

discover CARDS

A number of unique moments will take place in the life of the expectant mother. So why not immortalize them with a nice photo using milestone cards? They will also help you capture the first weeks and months with the baby, and in the future they will remind you when it first sat down or tasted its first spoon. Discover our milestone cards, birthday invitations or “baby showers” and make these moments unforgettable.


Silicone necklaces, neck beads, earrings or even bracelets and pendants. You will enchant your surroundings with all this. Show your originality, uniqueness and beauty with our silicone jewelry. Become a party queen who has her own style.


Klip na dudlík


Pacifier clips (pacifier holders) are ideal for children who like to throw a pacifier all around, lose it or are constantly looking for it somewhere in a pram or under a car seat. Using a clip comforter, you simply attach it to a stroller, or piece of clothing, and it’s over.

Silikonové kousátko

stylish SILICONE teethers

Silicone teether is one of the first baby equipment, baby that helps successful development of fine motor skills. In addition, it provides relief when cutting teeth.